Linell Chewins and Peter Delius: The Northeastern Factor

In a 2020 article, Linell Chewins and Peter Delius touched on Julian Cobbing’s arguments about the Delagoa Bay slave trade. According to Cobbing, the slave trade at the Bay was an important factor in the upheavals known as the Mfecane which took place within south-east Africa from roughly 1810-1840.  Chewins and Delius claimed that previously overlooked archival evidence uncovered in Lisbon suggests that the slave trade operating out of Delagoa Bay (Maputo), which supplied slaves to the Mascarene Islands and Brazil in particular, was much greater in scale than previously thought. According to their calculations, rather than the 2,000 – 3,000 figure estimated by Cobbing, a figure closer to 5,000 slaves a year were being exported from Delagoa Bay between the years 1826 and 1835.  Drawing on circumstantial evidence, they also speculated that the Zulu kingdom was involved in the slave trade.

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